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Sony 'looking into' potential save-corrupting PS4 error

Players encouraged to ensure that the system and game software are fully up to date

Sony has stated that they are looking into growing reports of a potential save file corrupting error with the PS4.

The "ce-34878-0" error has cropped up on a thread on the PlayStation EU forums with players encountering the error finding that their savegame files are being corrupted.

The error code is employed when an application has crashed with the PlayStation support site recommending players leave the game and ensure that they have installed the latest system and software updates. It also recommends initializing the PS4 console if the error persists. Sony 'looking into' potential save-corrupting PS4 error

This error affects the bulk of the PS4's current library including Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and NBA 2K14. The error can prevent access to the corrupted save files and cause players to lose hours of game progression.

Sony told Polygon, "We are aware of the cases and we appreciate your patience while we investigate."

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