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Insomniac points out Sunset Overdrive is no MMO

It will be connected but it will also have a single player

Insomniac would like to make it clear that their upcoming Xbox One exclusive shooter Sunset Overdrive is not an MMO.

The game has been revealed as a connected open world shooter that they will be updating on a regular basis with community input as well as throwing in their own ideas.

With this kind of connectivity you might be forgiven for thinking that Sunset Overdrive is leaning into MMO territory by Insomniac are keen to stress that it is not. Insomniac points out Sunset Overdrive is no MMO

"It will have a story and a campaign," explained Insomniac community web developer Tim Salvitti on the Insomniac community forums.

“This is not a MMORPG,” he went on. “It will have a story and a campaign. It is an open-world, 3rd person action game if you want to categorize it."

Whatever it actually is Insomniac's colourful and cartoonish shooter is intriguing and has enough potential to make purchasing the Xbox One well worthwhile.

Thanks OXM.

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