Activision talk new titles

Next-gen, new Tony Hawk's, and more...

Activision today announced an "extension of the Tony Hawk brand," Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam to you and me, which it appears is bound for a launch later this year, according to the American publisher's latest financial statement. Like Big Red One's relationship to the 'true' Call of Duty 2, Downhill Jam will be a different game targeting different audiences, Activision describing their experiment with Big Red One as a success. This 'franchise-splitting' will apparently be important to the firm's future plans, as they look to the make the most of thriving IP whilst dispensing with failing brands.

With an eye on the next-generation of consoles, Activision promised several new Xbox 360 titles over the course of the year, and one launch title for the Nintendo Revolution console, as well as three launch titles for the Playstation 3. The games themselves are nameless, but day-one offerings from key Acti series' appears to be the most likely plan.

Analysis suggests that new IP will at first be tested on the larger installed-bases of the current generation systems, whilst more established titles will be vamped-up for release on the new generation machines. Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 console, for example, will be supported like a 'new release' throughout 2006, as the console's popularity grows. Neversoft's Gun, on the other hand, which proved something of a disappointment for the firm, will not be continued at present. Nor indeed will True Crime, since number two failed to impress. More as we get it.

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