Boll denied MGS wish

No film for you - Kojima

In their second podcast of the last two weeks, Kojima Productions update an interested gaming community on the latest happenings at the respected studio. As well as outlining the studios latest design efforts, the Ryan Payton presented podcast also offers an insight into the mind of the great designer himself, Hideo Kojima. Through the new podcast, Kojima addresses persistent rumours surrounding a Metal Gear Solid film, including the prospect of director Uwe Boll taking charge of the project.

Boll announced his interest in the series during an interview last year, stating that he hoped to be involved in a future Metal Gear Solid movie project, sparking concerned outcry from fans of the game, worried that Boll would murder their favourite game on the big-screen.

We needn't have worried, as it turns out, Hideo Kojima has no intention of lending Boll his IP, the designer stating: "Absolutely not! I don't know why Uwe Boll is even talking about this thing," Kojima stated. "We've never talked to him. It's impossible that we'd ever do a movie with him." So that's that, then. Sorry Dr. Boll.

German director Uwe Boll has in the past orchestrated films such as Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, and most recently BloodRayne. His film's are widely regarded as among the worst in the industry, but despite this fact, he continues to accrue franchises to turn into films, having already nabbed Dungeon Siege and.. shudder.. Postal. More as we get it.

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