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Open beta dates announced for Ace Combat: Infinity

Beta begins next week

Namco Bandai has announce the dates for the open beta test of their new free-to-play air combat game Ace Combat: Infinity.

The open beta will offer a chance for Ace Combat fans to try out two of the game's modes. For the lone aces out there there are the solo missions which follow a storyline written specifically for the game.

For pilots who prefer to team up with a wingman there's the co-op mode where two two-man teams compete to wreak the most havoc on the NPC enemy forces. Open beta dates announced for Ace Combat: Infinity

Participants can also have their say on how the game plays by filling in the questionnaire over on Ace Combat: Infinity beta website.

Ace Combat: Infinity's open beta will run between February the 4th and February the 11th only on the PS3. It is due for full release later in the year.

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