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PS4-exclusive Dark Souls title rumours floating around

Can anyone say Demon's Souls 2?

Some rumours have started appearing hinting at a PS4-exclusive Dark Souls spin-off being in the works.

The more correct way to look at this would be to think of this as From Software having Demon's Souls 2 in the pipeline.

In response to curious question hinting at any upcoming Souls (Demon's or Dark) titles in a thread on NeoGAF, one user, known as Demonite said, “If by souls you mean another PS4 exclusive Souls spinoff then maybe ?” PS4-exclusive Dark Souls title rumours floating around

Demonite has managed to gain quite a reputation on the NeoGAF as a source of accurate insider information especially seeing as he is believed to be a Sony insider.

His Twitter account states he is a “Collection Coordinator for the largest pool wholesaler in the world” which could put him in a position to hear some juicy information on interesting games that are on the horizon.

Remeber, Sony do own the rights to the Demon's Souls franchise having published the first game on the PS3 so a new game isn't outwith the realms of possibility.

Rumours surrounding next-gen Dark Souls had appeared just before Spike TV's VGX awards in December but they quickly fizzled out when no announcement appeared on the three-hour awards show.

Thanks El33tOnline.

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