Techland teasing Dying Light news tomorrow

Either that or they're about to trigger the zombie apocalypse...

Techland has released a short teaser trailer hinting at a big announcement on their new survival title Dying Light for tomorrow.

The trailer states “The outbreak will change everything” and asks, “Are you prepared? February 11, 2014. Save the date!”

This either means that they're going to unleash the zombie apocalypse tomorrow or, more likely, they have a big announcement on the game coming tomorrow. Techland teasing Dying Light news tomorrow

It certainly has shown a great deal of promise by blending the next-gen visuals of the latest version of their gorgeous Chrome engine, the melee and crafting of Dead Island and a fluid free running system akin to Mirror's Edge.

Dying Light is in development on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and is expected to be released some time later on this year.

Thanks VG247.

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