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Duke Forever 'going well'

Broussard drops status hints on DNF

Its been at least a month or two since we last reported on the most delayed videogame in history, and George Broussard is the 3D Realms executive filling us in on this occasion. After eight years of continued development, and, we must assume, a fair few setbacks too, Duke Nukem Forever sounds like it could be finally coming together, despite Broussard joking that the game's release date is "when pig's fly". Well we hope it was a joke.

In an interview with US gaming site 1UP.com, Broussard added that "it's definitely going well now," before waxing lyrical on the current stage the project remains at: "Things are together; we're in full production. We're basically just pulling all the pieces together and making the game out of it. There's a lot that's finished." We heat that the monsters and weapons are complete, and that 3D Realms now have "all these disassociated elements that make up a game" which need sliding together appropriately.

"And then you just tweak it and polish it until it's fun, and that's kind of the phase we're in now, just trying to make something that is really fun to play and interesting," Broussard concluded. More on DNF as we get it.

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