Dreamworks announce Flushed Away game

Flowing onto PS2, GameCube and more...

A brand new videogame, based on a forthcoming Aardman / Dreamworks animation was announced today by D3Publisher, the firm revealing that Flushed Away will be released in-sync with the film, due at the end of 2006. Releases on PS2, GameCube, GBA and Nintendo DS are promised, though nothing on Xbox, oddly. Aardman have in the past created such epics as Chicken Run, and we're expecting more 'doughy' characters up to all kinds of shenanigans, punctuated with the filmmakers trade-mark humour.

The film is about a rich rat called Roddy, who lives in the up-market London borough of Kensington... that is until he meets the unseemly Syd, and is inadvertently flushed into the city's sewers, entering the dark and foreboding Ratropolis. In the depth of London's 'underworld', Roddy meets the delightful Rita, and the two embark on an adventure to defeat the dastardly Toad.

So, the film sounds rather fun, but what of the game? Well, traditionally movie tie-ins are of course utter dross, but we're hopeful that quality control at Dreamworks will ensure a half-decent title. The game will apparently include characters and places not found in the film, and will be a narrative-driven adventure played from a third-person perspective. Developer Vicious Cycle will create the console games, whilst Altron and ART create the handheld outings.

More as we get it.

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