New Hot Coffee lawsuit targets Rockstar

10 million USD sought

Whilst expressions of pity for mega-corporations are about as frequent as declarations of love for the tax man, we can't help but get the feeling Take-Two and Rockstar have endured a rough ride since the Hot Coffee scandal broke last year, when a patch was released exposing naughty content in their latest GTA outing, San Andreas. The sexually explicit mini-game, which made use of in-game content, forced a reclassification of the title stateside, and prompted Rockstar to release a 'cleaned-up' version, despite protests that the game was a third-party perversion of their original project, and had little to do with them. Just when we thought it was all going to go away, another lawsuit pops-up to keep Rockstar's legal team burning the midnight oil, this time initiated by LA attorney Rockard Delgadillo.

The suit, filed against the publisher last week, alleges that Rockstar deliberately withheld important product information, that may have kept the game off of shelves in prominent retailers. The lawsuit also argues that Rockstar blamed hackers for the Hot Coffee mini-game, which it was subsequently discovered was based upon content within the game itself. Delgadillo is seeking fines and compensation to the tune of 10 million USD. Hot Coffee is widely accepted as a turning point stateside, forcing states and the government to begin looking seriously at legally enforceable ratings and possible censorship of games containing 'adult' content. We'll keep you posted on Rockstar's on-going tribulations.

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