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Australasian Xbox 360 delayed

Pushed three weeks back

With Microsoft still struggling to meet demand for the Xbox 360 console across North America and Europe (whilst Japanese stores presumably use them as footballs and make-shift chairs), we today learn that Microsoft have been forced to delay the system's launch in Australasia. It's not a massive delay, but New Zealanders and Australians will have to hold out for a few extra weeks, the debut moving back to March 23rd. The system was due out on the 3rd of March. Microsoft apologised to disappointed gamers when announcing the new date, and cited extreme levels of demand elsewhere and difficulties with manufacturing the next-generation machine.

Microsoft's official statement explained the slippage as being caused by "unprecedented global consumer demand and short-term manufacturing issues due to component shortages stemming from challenges in ramping supply." Redmond hope the delay will mean plenty of consoles on hand to meet demand at the system's launch. The Big M hope to have sold 4.5 to 5.5 million consoles by July, following a worldwide launch which began stateside last November. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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