Double Agent delayed

Xbox 360 to blame...

If it's not British spies using a clandestine rock to upload who-knows-what secrets from within the Kremlin, its Ubisoft's latest outing in the dark under-cover world of Splinter's Cell Sam Fisher. Is espionage making a revival? Anyway, the actual news today reveals, via a rather dry Ubisoft financial report, that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent has been delayed, and will instead be out in September of this year. It was previously scheduled for March, so that's quite a heft delay, quite late in the day, you might say. Hey, but don't feel too bad, Double Agent is still on course to hit the PSP in March, and it seems that the delay is in fact linked to the Xbox 360, which still can't quite be provided in sufficient quantities to satiate demand (apart from in Japan, where MS can't give them away).

Ubisoft tell us that they are keen to give Double Agent a simultaneous multi-format debut, and are hoping by September that the Xbox 360 will have a much larger installed user-base. "This will also enable to maintain the highest quality for which Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is recognized. This rescheduling will ensure the best return from the coming release as well as from future sequels of this brand over time," the French publisher added on the delay. The game will see Sam Fisher working undercover from within a terrorist organisation. More as we get it.

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