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Nintendo reveal DS Lite handheld

Redesigned console announced

Speculation and educated-guessing have been pointing towards Nintendo announcing a brand new handheld system for months now, and today the Big N finally put us all out of our misery, the company's official website sporting news of the 'DS Lite', the long-predicted redesign of the dual-screen handheld. Much as the GBA SP did wonders for the impression the GBA system made, so the DS Lite could well do the same for Ninty's latest opus. We're told the Lite model will be some 20% smaller and also notably lighter.

By current Japanese pricing, the DS Lite will be somewhat more expensive, costing 16,800 Yen against the current DS price of about 15,000 Yen. That's about seventy-five GBP. The new console will weigh 218g, and is both narrower, thinner and shorter, making it just a smidgeon easier to carry around than the older iteration.

Apparently, the DS Lite will include lighter screens, utilising the technology from the latest GBA SP redesign, and has four levels of brightness. The start, select and power buttons have all been moved, though the fundamentals of the system remain identical. As widely predicted, the redesign also brings the handheld closer in style and design to the forthcoming Revolution console, sporting a similar looking D-pad and a gloss-white finish. It is however still unclear how the system's will work together. Nintendo reveal DS Lite handheld

Launches beyond Japan have yet to be revealed, so we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled as we await fresh information. A pleasant surprise on a Friday morning, none the less.

Source: Gamasutra.com

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