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New Monkey Ball announced

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Sega have finally confirmed the existence of a brand new Monkey Ball game, at last putting to bed a number of rumours that have been circulating for some time. Somewhat at odds with the arcade quirkyness of previous Monkey Ball outings, however, Super Monkey Ball Adventure promises an 'exciting new direction for the series'. The game is being developed for Sega by adventure gaming experts Traveller's Tales, and promises 50 levels of fun dispersed across five varying Monkey Ball 'kingdoms'. Apparently, in a bid to make the simple gameplay somewhat more sophisticated, Monkey Ball Adventure will include balls that can stick to walls, hover, become invisible and more besides.

Amusement Vision, the series previous developer are not aiding this development it would seem, making it more likely that this will indeed be a brand new direction for one of Sega's most popular series. That said, the hilarious party games will once again be putting in an appearance, with six new ones on the roster. The game will apparently be released towards the end of 2006, on the PS2, PSP and GameCube. This marks the Monkey Ball series' debut on the Playstation Portable, and this version will include the tantalising prospect of a WiFi multiplayer mode, as well as a new card-trading mode. More as it rolls our way. New Monkey Ball announced

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