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Killzone ditches perspective for PSP

But characters remain intact...

Bad news for advocates of the (occasionally inexplicably) super-popular first-person shooter genre, the conversion of PS2 hit Killzone to the PSP will no longer be played from a first-person perspective, Sony instead opting to position players of Killzone: Liberation firmly in the third-person perspective. This news comes from a report in the latest Official PS2 Magazine, which also reveals that Killzone PSP will feature extended stealth elements to the action, requiring a little more nouse to complete the game's missions. Hopefully, the changes won't detract from the overall fun of this very well made series, but rather help this important franchise overcome criticisms aimed at the PS2 original.

Helghast, according to the report, will reprise the role of the wicked foe, whilst players will still be taking control of the grizzled Jan Templar, this time equipped with a differing array of weaponry and moves. Killzone is due out as 2006 matures, and we hope you're not too disappointed about the perspective thing. I'm sure it was nothing personal.

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