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Forza Horizon 2 could be on the... erm... horizon

UK supercar manufacturer confirms a Microsoft racing game coming this year

Rumours have appeared, scant as they are that there is a Forza game heading for release later this year.

With Microsoft beginning to alternate between Forza and Forza Horizon back in 2012 in the hope that Horizon would warrant a sequel. Since last year was a Forza year it stands to reason that Forza Horizon 2 would be this year's game.

Very recently UK-based super-car maker Ultima Sports Ltd announced the signing of a new contract with Microsoft to appear in a new video game to be released later this year. Forza Horizon 2 could be on the... erm... horizon

The post's gone but some screen grabs were taken by Worlds Factory showing the announcement on the company's Facebook page.

Last year Forza Horizon dev Playground Games were advertising for a senior environmental artist for “the next edition of their successful racing title” so it is on it's way.


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