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13GB patch arrives for Dead Rising 3

Patch necessary for online play

Capcom has released a whopping new patch for their Xbox One exclusive zombie slasher Dead Rising 3.

The latest patch weighs in at a massive 13GB which means most Xbox One owners will need to connect their Xbox One to the internet via an ethernet cable if they plan on using their Wi-fi while the patch downloads.

The size seems even larger when you consider that the game has a 19.9GB install on the Xbox One's HDD just by itself. 13GB patch arrives for Dead Rising 3

Quite why the installation is so large is unclear but it could be to do with the arrival of the game's first bundle of DLC, Operation Broken Eagle later this month which adds a new campaign with its very own playable character Commander Adam Kane. The update is mandatory for playing Dead Rising 3 online.

Thanks The Escapist.

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