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Take-Two seize Tokobot

Tecmo's latest heads to Europe and Australasia

Despite recent financial results not quite living up to the rewards expected to be reaped by the GTA publisher, Take-Two has none the less continued its aggressive expansion, snapping up independent development houses and recruiting new titles to an increasingly diverse portfolio. It's not all about Grand Theft Auto these days, you know. With this in mind, Take-Two have signed-up to publish Tecmo's Tokobot in PAL regions, and will deliver the popular PSP title in March. Platform-esque game environments combine with an abstract and original game mechanic in Tokobot, which sees you controlling an army of little robots, linking them together into different shapes as you progress through the game. You'll be making weapons, ladders, swings and more as you work through the title, which not only looks rather interesting but has so far been reviewing rather well in foreign publications too.

Tokobot promises to begin simply, before providing you with an increasing number of robots as the game changes and things get tougher. There's even a Time Attack mode, for when you're done with the story mode. We'll bring you more of this game as March nears, and you can of course learn more about the game by reading about its US and Japanese receptions. More soon, then.

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