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WoW ushers in Chinese new year

Celebrations planned across online world

With over 1.5 million gamers in China, some of whom are rather aggrieved that their English speaking co-habitants think they're all gold farming swindlers, tensions have run high in the persistent World of Warcraft lately. Perhaps a good old fashioned knees-up is what's required to return a bit of harmony and joviality to the lands, and what better than the Chinese new year, based on the Lunar cycle, which is ushered in on January 29th. Apparently, the festival will be a time to pay respect to ancestors, and is of course the chance for a more than welcome party. Tokens will be dished out by Elder Ghost, and these will bag you such trinkets and treats as Fireworks, festival food, costumes, lockboxes and more - all in a pleasantly Lunar theme.

A rather feisty raid encounter boss is also going to show up, and will apparently be inspired by the Chinese fable of Nian. The press release announcing the celebration reveals that Nian will be the only raid boss that even brand new players can help battle, which sounds promising, providing he isn't too much of a challenge. Celebrations for the Chinese new year traditionally last fifteen days, and this will be marked across the Azeroth, with fireworks and festivities on the 29th, with a culminating event in Moonglade on February 13th. So, an excuse for some fun, and another welcome date to the festival calendar which also encompasses Christmas, New Year and Halloween currently. More as we get it.

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