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Fable Trilogy coming next month

Bundle to arrive alongside Fable Anniversary

Microsoft will be launching a compilation of the main Fable trilogy alongside Fable Anniversary next month.

With the arrival of the HD remaster of Peter Molyneux's original Xbox title Microsoft has decided to launch a trilogy bundle as well.

The bundle will include Fable Anniversary, Fable 2 and Fable 3 and according to the Xbox Marketplace it will be available at a discount price. Fable Trilogy coming next month

"The Fable Trilogy bundle in the Xbox Marketplace is real and in development. The bundle will include full Xbox 360 titles for Fable Anniversary, Fable 2, and Fable 3." Microsoft told Eurogamer. "We're excited to share official details regarding the release soon on"

The Fable Trilogy will launch on Xbox 360 on February the 7th alongside Fable Anniversary.

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