Disney ditches the Star Wars 1313 trademark

One last sad postscript on the demise of LucasArts

It may be a confirmation of something we know already but Disney has ditched the Star Wars 1313 trademark.

As of December they chose not to renew the trademark filing that covered LucasArt's final project.

When LucasArts revealed Star Wars 1313 at E3 in 2012 it quickly acquired a reputation as the most promising Star Wars title that had come out of LucasArts in a very long time. The action took players deep into the criminal underbelly of Coruscant as a bounty hunter in a gorgeous next-gen action adventure. Disney ditches the Star Wars 1313 trademark

The apparent quality of the game wasn't enough to save LucasArts which Disney shuttered last year giving over all their Star Wars game development over to third party licenses mainly with EA.

By allowing the Star Wars 1313 trademark to lapse, Disney has given a clear signal that the game will probably never be released most likely due to EA not taking over development from LucasArts.

It's a final sad note on the ending of LucasArts that their last project and possibly their most promising project of the last 10 years will never be released. The inset IGN video gives you a taster of what could have been.


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