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DS redesign looms?

According to rumours online...

Rumours reported by various online sources, and Japan's highly respected Famitsu magazine, have suggested that the Nintendo DS could be receiving a redesign this very year. Now, a new report from online games retailer Lik-Sang suggests that news on the redesign is imminent, an insider pointing to a Nintendo press conference on the subject next Monday. Of course, the internet is wonderful for a spot of gossiping, and also brilliant at over-emphasising speculation, that said, rumours have continued to boil for long enough now for us to believe their could be some truth in this. We will of course find out on January 16th, if Lik-Sang's insider proves correct.

The latest idle chatter currently has it that the redesigned DS handheld will sport a mobile phone style appearance, incorporating voice-over-IP phone calls taking advantage of the system's WiFi Connection - which launched across the globe last year. We also hear that the GBA cartridge slot may be axed from the new design.

This may all be a little far-fetched, but a redesign does seem likely, making the DS slicker, more compact - moving the product the same way as the more 'adult-styling' of the GBA SP. We also here chatter that this move will alter the look of the handheld so it fits better with the modern 'iPod-generation' pretensions of the forthcoming Revolution console.

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