Postal linked to Russian stabbings

Synagogue attacker played RWS title

You may have heard in recent days the shocking news of an attack which occurred in a Moscow synagogue, where an armed man entered the place of worship in a presumed rage, attacking uncontrollably the shocked worshippers, injuring eight people, four seriously. The attack occurred at 5.30pm on Wednesday evening, only ceasing when 20 year old Alexander Koptsev was wrestled to the ground by an onlooker. Nazi-related attacks on Moscow synagogues have been an increasing problem in recent years, according to news from the BBC. There could yet be another twist in this horrendous tale, the attacker's father drawing the world's attention to Koptsev's videogame preference: the controversial Postal. Speaking to the Russian news agency, the boy's father explained: "My son has never been a member of any religious or political organisation. I think that he could see all those Nazis, extremists and skinheads only on TV." On Postal, and other potentially 'influential' games, his shocked father added that he "Was playing computer games a lot. It is not ruled out that the man has committed the crime in the state of temporary insanity because of the games."

The twenty-year old was also said to be reading a book which may also be directly linked to the vicious attack, something the boy's father noted, and questioned him on prior to the attack: "He answered that the book was about Jews and how they sold Russia. He did not want to talk about the book with me."

Postal has been banned in countries including New Zealand, Korea and Australia, but is now available for download online via a deal with Softwrap. Developer Running with Scissors has come under increasing fire in recent years owing to the content and context of their controversy-bating titles. More as we get it.

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