New GTA games mooted

Among other T-2 news...

With the festive frenzy well and truly over, Rockster Games have announced a couple of new Grand Theft Auto titles in a recent financial report, kicking-off 2006 in big brand style. Sadly then, the news isn't too world shattering, certainly not the 'GTA for PS3' news that really would have got us salivating, but rather word that recent PSP release Liberty City Stories will be ported to the PS2. LCS was certainly an impressive addition to the Playstation Portable's line-up, but given that most of the inspiration for it came from the original GTAIII, you'll excuse us for not getting overly excited at this news. That said, the multiplayer mode will be included in the port, which should give some fans of the series cause to celebrate. Perhaps more interesting then is word of a totally new GTA outing, also announced in the same financial report, which will be developed for the PSP.

Details are scant on the new PSP offering, but after the successful toe-dipping that was Liberty City Stories, Rockstar are clearly convinced that the handheld has an appetite for the series. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more news on this game. The new year release also revealed that another new PSP game will delivered this year, whilst a brand new 'IP' will be launched on the Xbox 360. An unannounced 'sequel' to an existing Rockstar line will also debut during 2006. Top Spin 2 has been delayed for extra polishing, whilst Rockstar parent Take-Two plan to debut Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Da Vinci Code and Prey before October. We'll keep you informed on all this and more.

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