Ecko game causes Graffiti controversy

Very naughty...

Atari's forthcoming action-graffiti game Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is facing something of a political storm stateside, as critics round on the game for “encouraging” vandalism and damage of property. Florida politicians fear the game, which stars real-world grafitti 'celeb' Marc Ecko, could encourage kids to become graffiti artists. The game is due out on February 14th, and city chiefs in Hollywood, Florida want the debut halted, or in the very least an anti-graffiti campaign to be set-up at Atari's expense.

Responding to the controversy, Atari take the usual line conjured by games companies under such circumstances. "Just as films depict fictional worlds, this game is amusement and escape into a fantasy world," states Atari's Ryan Barr.

The Mayor of Hollywood responded to accusations of state censorship thusly: "What we are doing is purely making commentary and educating the public that we don't believe a game that glorifies criminal activity through graffiti or... violence needs to be perpetrated on the kids of America." He added the final responsibility still lay in the hands of parents, and that the city would not act as 'moral police'.

Ecko's game has previously caused a stir in New York, and the subject matter is likely to ruffle a few further feathers as release nears.

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