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June release a possibility for Driveclub

So says Italy's Official PlayStation Magazine

The delay of Driveclub has been one of the more saddening elements of the launch of the new console generation.

The Italian Official PlayStation Magazine seems to think that they have it sussed and have suggested via their Facebook page that June is when we'll finally see the game.

Originally pegged for release as a PS4 launch title in Europe and North America Evolution's ambitious and gorgeous community-driven racer then slipped to an 'early 2014' possibly coming as a Japanese launch title next month. June release a possibility for Driveclub

Sony has now stated that it will not be a Japanese launch title but has optimistically continued with their 'early 2014' aim.

We'd rather wait for the game than see it released before it's fully finished as it is one of the few launch titles that showed real next-gen promise combining smooth and sleek 1080p visuals with ambitious community and social-networking features.

Thanks The Sixth Axis.

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