Revolution value assured

Less than $300 at launch...

With 2006 now beginning to sound a bit more like a year than a science fiction film (yeah, right - Ed), we're all no doubt turning our thoughts to the next-generation of consoles, which will begin in earnest this year - if the other next-gen players launch their systems when expected. So, with the post-Christmas detox diets firmly forgotten, spring should see the arrival of the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution. Whilst Sony chiefs have already confirmed that the meaty PS3 will be rather pricey, probably more than the Xbox 360, we're told it's going to do a roaring trade anyway, owing to its raw power which we're repeatedly told will leave the competition for dust. The Xbox 360 seems the PS3's most likely rival, the two-firms jousting it out across the PR-airwaves since early last year. But could the oft underrated Nintendo spring a surprise on the perceived market-leaders?

It certainly seems plausible, especially if the innovative new controller proves more than mere gimmick, and we're even hearing that in terms of raw power the Revolution will be no slouch either, packing enough punch to deliver the usual cross-platform affairs popular with companies like EA, in addition to ground-breaking, genre-redefining efforts from Nintendo themselves. What's more, we're promised that the Revolution will be cheap, possibly even cheaper than a basic Xbox 360, according to president Satoru Iwata. The standard Xbox pack retails for 300 USD stateside, making it likely a lower-priced Revolution will follow in the footsteps of the GameCube. We'll keep you posted on all this as the Nintendo and Sony hype-machines step up a gear.

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