Kojima plots online Metal Gear

More 'Substance' promised

Despite repeated threats that he could retire from his involvement in the series in the near future, veteran designer Hideo Kojima's enthusiasm for the Metal Gear Solid series shows little sign of dampening. Commenting on the limited online capabilities of MGS3: Subsistence, Kojima announced that a sequel featuring more comprehensive online play is something he would like to see in the future. "We would like to make a more meaningful Metal Gear Online after hearing the opinions of people who've played the online battles in Subsistence," Famitsu reports Kojima as stating. "Years from now, we'd like to realise this on the PlayStation 3, on the Xbox 360, or maybe on the PC."

Subsistence is out in Japan, but is still to receive a release date in PAL regions. Kojima's comments, meanwhile, reveal the designer's interests beyond the forthcoming Metal Gear outing on the PS3. He is said to be particularly interested in creating games for the daring Nintendo Revolution platform, and is also looking into PC development more seriously. We'll keep you posted on the latest hints heading out of Japan.

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