UT2007 'not' a PS3 launch title

Sorry, Playstationers...

Unreal Tournament 2007, linked in news speculation before Christmas with a role as a PS3 launch title, will be nothing of the sort, Epic Games producer Jeff Morris has stated, responding to news originating from a US Playstation magazine. The PC will be getting the game first, as with all previous outings in the graphically rich multiplayer series. UT2007 was previously linked to the PS3 debut, currently expected in the spring, seemingly because it too is likely to be finished as the cherry blossom begins appearing on the trees.

"We're not scheduled to be a PS33 launch title, not certain where those news sites are getting that from,” Morris stated on Atari's community forums, which seems to be put pay to that rumour, even if there could be some kind of coincidental nearness in the respective products' launch dates. In fact, even this seems unlikely, as many are only predicting a PS3 launch in Japan this spring, with the rest of the world taking some time to catch-up.

Morris did add that a demo of UT2007 prior to the PC debut will be launched, so perhaps we should all cease this idle gossip, sit back, and look forward to that.

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