Bethesda hiring for the 'bleeding edge' of next-gen RPGs

And that probably is shorthand for Fallout 4

While Bethesda is yet to announce what they have coming next after abandoning development on Skyrim for their next big thing they are hiring staff, which is usually a good sign.

They are looking for a programmer to work on the team pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles" which sounds all very exciting but needlessly cryptic.

They are also looking for a quest designer and a level designer with experience of either The Elder Scrolls Construction Kit or GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit used to build the Fallout games). Final vacancy is for an executive producer with "comprehensive knowledge of Action/Adventure/Shooter product genres". Bethesda hiring for the 'bleeding edge' of next-gen RPGs

This last one is the real kicker because it would seem to indicate that Bethesda are crewing up for a new Fallout title rather than Skyrim's successor.

Thanks OXM.

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