Three charged over Xbox modding

California store re-sold chipped machines

Three men are being prosecuted stateside upon grounds that they made illegal, copyright-infringing changes to Xbox consoles and re-sold them through a Californian game store. The systems in question were sold with extra large hard disks and copy protection beating chips. "Turn on the Xbox, and the software comes up with the name of the modification chip," explained Thomas Loeser, an assistant attorney in Los Angeles. "You'll page through a menu similar to Windows browser to select any internal game to play it."

The case centres around the actions of LA pair Jason Jones, 34, Jonathan Bryant, 44, and Pei "Patrick" Cai, 32, of Pico Rivera. They are charged with selling software and hardware which aids the breaching of copyright laws. Jones and Bryant are the owners of the ACME game store in LA, whilst the case alleges that Cai modified systems in his home for selling in the shop. Gamers could purchase the modded consoles from the store, customising the size of the new hard-disk and the games pre-loaded onto it.

The hearing into this case will begin in LA come the new year.

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