Online gaming risks exposed

After further death in S. Korea

UK games site are today reporting from a new South Korean study, undertaken by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, which uncovers further the dangers of excessive online gaming. Numerous South Korean gamers have died pursuing their hobby in recent years, and this latest report examines the risks in more detail. Dr Song Hyeong-gon from the Samsung Seoul hospital states that the most common death among excessive gamers is pulmonary thrombo-embolism.

"People who haven't slept for a long time usually don't realise how exhausted or stressed they are," the doctor expounded. "Because they are stressed by the obsession with winning the game, they consume a considerable amount of energy. In such a physically exhausted condition, exposure to bright colors or stimulating images on the screen is likely to irritate the cerebral cortex and can cause sudden death."

Long periods of time in a seated position also leaves gamers at risk to deep vein thrombosis, whilst Korean net cafes are often decidedly unhealthy places - smoky, dimly lit and poorly ventilated. The report finds that this is a fairly recent problem, induced by the increasing complexity of online games and fierce competition. "Parents should pay attention to how much time their children spend playing games because young children and teenagers are more vulnerable and may grow into adults lacking social skills - or in the worst case, lose their lives." More soon.

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