The Darkness departs Majesco

Along with Ghost Rider...

You have to feel sorry for US publisher Majesco. Despite their attempts at gaming stardom with a fairly impressive portfolio of sporadically rather impressive games, they just can't quite seem to get their products flying off the shelves in sufficient quantities. It began with Advent Rising, a high-budget sci-fi game that proved quite popular with reviewers but never gained much commercial attention, and continued with Tim Schafer's excellent but overlooked Psychonauts. Now, the spiralling financial problems at the firm have forced the company to sell the publishing rights for Starbreeze's new game, The Darkness. The rights to Ghost Rider have also been flogged, amid speculation that the firm could go bankrupt. The Darkness was sold for a reported 8 million USD, which the publisher have said will be used to improve the firm's financial status and fund future initiatives.

Next-generation action game The Darkness is looking rather good, and many had feared for the project as Majesco's struggles deepened. The future of the project is now safe, though it remains unclear who the new publisher are. We imagine it must be another fairly major publisher, given the fee. "We've known about this for a while. It's found a good home and ultimately will be a better game for the deal," commented a Starbreeze developer, reassuring fans of the new deal. Majesco aren't down and out yet, however, with a press conference next month expected to unveil the firm's future plans and present their latest financial reports. We'll keep you posted.

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