AI competition for UK students

Tank wars begin...

Computer science students at UK universities might be interested to know that EA have expanded their 'tanks wars' contest to British Isles, according to a fresh report today on industry site The contest invites programmers to design an AI programme pitting one tank against another, with one of the tank's eventually winning. The contest has already been announced in North America, and aims to highlight the important role AI will play in the next-generation of hardware and games. Entry to the contest is only available to computing students at select universities, those being: Sheffield University, Imperial College London, University College London, Manchester University, Cambridge University, University of Surrey, Abertay University, York University, Liverpool John Moore University, University of Sussex, Edinburgh University and Trinity College Dublin.

John Buchanan, who's job at EA it is to liaise with universities and help foster the future generation of games designers, commented: "As we move into the next-generation, the task of rendering stunning graphics in games is slowly being handed over to specialized hardware. We have reached the point where we can easily produce highly realistic and incredibly impressive visuals with relative ease. In this competition, we have deliberately downgraded the graphics to emphasize the importance of A.I. Over the next five to 10 years, A.I. is going to differentiate great games from the rest. With this competition, we hope to find people with a passion for A.I and understanding of the magic that makes a game truly fun to play." The competition begins in the new year, and runs until mid-March.

The competition's eventual winner will take home a top of the range games PC with lots of lovely EA titles, not to mention the chance to meet DICE, the developers of the Battlefield series. More soon.

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