Postal 3 en route

RWS ask you to go Postal one more time...

It's one thing making a controversial game that defies the Mary Whitehouse brigade by actually being a sophisticated and entertaining piece of adult entertainment, it's quite another to tap into a real-life event and recycle the worst elements of a genre to catastrophically bad effect, then attack those criticising the game as moralists missing the point entirely. And then there's Postal 3, which was announced by developer Running with Scissors yesterday.

Postal 2 was recently released for download online, and the controversial shooter, based on the real-world massacre of American postal workers at the hands of an insane colleague, will be getting a sequel on the PC and Xbox 360, the developers have revealed. A new film, directed (but of course) by Uwe Boll will be out in 2007 as well, and the new game may be released in coincide with this new flick. Moral dubiety aside (we'll leave that for Thompson and the Daily Mail), what RWS really need to do is make their next project a good game, perhaps something designed to entertain, rather than merely titillate a select minority with 'train-wreck' controversy-courting.

We'll keep you posted as the new game nears. Oh, and number three will be called Postal 3: Catharsis. Lovely.

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