New Ubisoft titles glimpsed

Thanks to financial statement

There's nothing like a good financial report for spilling the beans on previously unannounced games, as we today witness once again, this time concerning French publisher Ubisoft. As well as waxing lyrical on how rich and successful they are, the new release reveals that, among other things, a brand new version of Brothers in Arms is being created for the Sony PSP handheld. Also forthcoming for Sony's diminutive baby is a new take on 187 Ride or Die called Street Riders, not to mention Splinter Cell Essentials - the stealth series' debut on the Sony portable.

From the report we also learn that Splinter Cell 4 - the big brother of Essentials - will be out on consoles at the beginning of 2006, whilst there's surprisingly no mention of the game on the Xbox 360, something which may disappoint early adopters of the new format. That said, the Xbox 360 is being backed by Ubisoft, the firm confirming a secret project in addition to Blazing Angels.

Stay tuned for the latest gossip and titillation on all gaming Ubisoft related.

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