Texas boy arrested over Thompson threats

Reads a statement from Jack himself

Controversy-bating lawyer Jack Thompson has released a statement this week revealing that a 16 year-old boy from Texas has been arrested after making indecent threats against the Floridian lawyer, who has in recent years been engaging the games industry in a variety of legal tussles surrounding the content of violent videogames. "The specifics of the torture with which Thompson was threatened are so grotesque that they cannot be properly placed in this news release," reads Thompson's press release. "The torture was to end with the shooting of Thompson, as in this teen's favorite games."

Harris county sheriffs apparently arrested the unnamed boy after receiving taped evidence about the young man's threats. Website GameSpot confirmed today that the boy was indeed arrested as per Thompson's statement. If convicted, the boy faces a prison sentence or possibly a large fine, though given his age this seems unlikely. "'Shoot the messenger' is the videogame industry's strategy," the lawyer writes. "This time, because of the arrest in Texas, it didn't work. It backfired."

Thompson has certainly been a constant thorn in the side of the games industry, and this reaction can't be the first time he's been on the receiving end of more than the odd unkind word. This perhaps implies that the Texan boys actions were of an extreme variety, then. We'll keep you posted on Thompson's continuing media-omnipresence as we get it.

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