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Doom 3 conspiracy fears

The plot thickens
Whilst on the surface, the Doom 3 alpha leak may have proved a success, in that the feedback is unanimously positive, fears are now growing that the alpha demo from E3 was not the only Doom 3 coding stolen from id. Our insider source informs us that, after some research, it is suspected that members of the Zelaron forums and lownjoo.com, have in fact been releasing information on Doom 3 in the past. As well as other big-name games, from other developers. The conspiracy thickens however, as it is now suspected that the originator(s) of the alpha leak, also have other important Doom 3 development tools. This could, apparently, delay the development and release of Doom 3, which of course no one wants. Investigation continues now into exactly what has been leaked, not just from id, but from other developers, who are now also getting involved in the hunt. Any light you can shed, please use the Ferrago comments.
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