ZeniMax announces The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

Comes with a foot-high statue of Molag Bal

ZeniMax has announced of a rather whopping special edition of The Elder Scrolls Online to arrive at launch and released an excellent cinematic trailer to celebrate the occasion.

The Imperial Edition includes a whole bunch of physical and digital goodies for Elder Scrolls fans to enjoy. The centrepiece of the pack is a 30.5cm high statue of Daedric Prince Molag Bal.

It also includes the 224-page Improved Emperor's Guide To Tamriel, a 53.3cm by 66cm map of Alliance-controlled Tamriel and rthe mandatory steebook packaging for the game disc/discs. ZeniMax announces The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

The digital content includes the ability to play as an Imperial, White Imperial Horse mount, Mudcrab Vanity Pet and the Rings Of Mara which gives you a bonus for playing with a friend who you've completed the Ritual Of Mara with (that's marriage in Tamriel).

The Physical Imperial Edition will set fans back 89.99 GBP/99.99 EUR/USD. The Digital Imperial Edition for PC and Mac, that is the game without the cool physical trinkets, is 69.99 GBP/79.99 EUR/USD from The Elder Scrolls online store.

The Elder Scrolls Online will hit PC and Mac on April the 4th with the PS4 and Xbox One editions due in June.

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