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Developers offer Revolution clues

From early hardware builds...

Industry website Gamesindustry.biz has revealed this week a little more information on what we can expect from the forthcoming Nintendo Revolution console, due out next spring in Japan. Apparently, development kits for the new console are just now beginning to reach external developers, and several have already begun spilling the beans anonymously. We're told that the Revolution will be approximately 2.5 times more powerful than the current GameCube, third-party developers judging the performance from the latest hardware build which apparently includes several of the final build chips. A non final version of the controller is also in there, we're told.

An ATI graphics processor unit called Hollywood will apparently be at the heart of the new system, whilst the IBM CPU powering the console will apparently be called 'Broadway' and will be more than twice as fast as the 'Gekko' chip beneath the Cube. 512MB of Flash RAM is also in there, as is 96 MB of main memory, more than enough according to developers, who note the lack of HD-TV support. The media used will be almost identical to standard DVDs, but the drive itself will also cleverly support Cube media.

Whilst developers have been telling Gamesindustry.biz that the hardware won't be beating the Xbox 360 or the PS3 any time soon, those creating games for the system don't seem too concerned: "The time it'll take to ramp up to developing on this is basically nil - we can just work on a PC or maybe an Xbox, and then improve the quality of our assets when we move to the Revolution. Or even work on a Cube, in fact," one developer enthused.

Porting existing games won't be a problem then, but what will be more difficult will be making games work with the new controller... a far trickier proposition. The lower-spec hardware will also probably keep the Revolution reasonably priced, like the Cube, with an RRP of 149.99 USD already being hinted stateside. More as we get it.

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