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Backlash over PSP ads

Coming to a wall near you...

Sony's US ad agency may have overestimated Sony's urban chic this week, after a backlash from members of the graffiti scene over spray-paint ads currently adorning prominent walls in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The 'adverts' depict manga-style 'kidz' hanging out playing on PSP consoles, and is apparently part of Sony's drive to interest 'urban nomads' in the product. The stylised images didn't go down well with other members of city wall painting society, and presumably Sony won't have made any OAP fans either with their possibly ill-advised 'youth culture'-bating antics.

Of course, the people Sony are renting the walls from are probably pretty happy, but the reaction hasn't been 100% positive thus far. Sony say they are targeting "people who are on the go constantly," but the reaction demonstrated in some online photographs is presumably not quite what Sony were after. We'll keep you posted on this.

More images of this phenomenon can be seen on !Habit Forming's Flickr photo set.

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