Ex-Acclaim games up for Auction

Burnout publishing rights for Xmas?

Trustees David R. Maltz & Co. have setup a new website in order to auction off the remaining publishing rights that were the former property of the now defunct Acclaim publishing group. The company collapsed in 2004, after reporting massive losses and spiralling debts, and the website lists about two-hundred titles which can be acquired for publishing. The figures currently attached to the various titles, range from the cost of a small family car to the value of entire homes, but many of the most valuable titles and IP have already been shipped out of Acclaim in larger scale deals with other significant publishing labels. Several games listed make use of official licences, such as The Simpsons and South Park, and it may be the case that those purchasing these rights have to enter into negotiations with existing licence holders before bringing their wares to market.

The original Burnout (yes, that was published by Acclaim, would you believe) is also up for grabs, though as initial reports from suggest, it is unclear currently whether the re-release of any of these games would require fresh royalty payments to developers. Seek out the website if you're interested in the latest bidding activity surrounding these games. Administrators actually had to battle in the courts on behalf of Acclaim's creditors, after former chief Rod Cousens attempted to re-start the firm using the vestiges of the group. As we now know, the administrators were successful, and Acclaim now survives in history alone. More on this as we get it.

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