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Asian launches planned for Xbox 360

By next spring, we're told

With the new Xbox 360 console from Microsoft now out in North America and Europe, and due at the end of the week in Japan, Redmond are now turning their attention to rolling out the console in other countries where the original Xbox is being sold. An Australian debut has previously been set for March 2nd, and this will cover Singapore and Taiwan too, but until today no other launches were officially dated. Industry website reveals however that other Asian markets will be receiving the console by the early spring of 2006, with a South Korean launch dated for February 24th. Microsoft has previously promised a launch for the 360 in China, though whether this is covered by the spring dating too remains ambiguous. Microsoft have a massive task on their hands as it is matching demand in North America, Europe, Japan, and these additional launches will further put pressure on supplies, a fact that hasn't escaped Microsoft.

The console manufacturer conceded that they were considering delaying Asian launches to allow greater supplies for North America and Europe. "Believe me, that conversation happened," Asian Xbox head Alan Bowman revealed. "We wanted to make sure within the first six months that we could get the 360 into all existing Xbox 1 markets. I'm very optimistic that demand is going to be significant. We're working very hard to keep supply up with demand."

No word has been offered on whether the Xbox 360 will be offered in one package or two, nor how much the system will cost - but we're told to expect similar pricing to North America and Europe. More as we get it.

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