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Xbox 360 Japan targets 1m summer 2006

Microsoft chiefs currently looking to the launch of the Xbox 360 in Japan have revealed a target of one-million console sales by summer 2006, stating that the one-million target will help the console compete in this key gaming region and attract the interest of developers and publishers. The original Xbox has yet to hit 500,000, suffering from a lack of local interest many critics have blamed on a dirge of titles catering to local tastes. "It's only a target, but the one million mark is a figure we'd like to reach by next summer," business manager Yoshihiro Maruyama told Dengeki Xbox 360 magazine. "And then we'd like to go to 1.5 million, then 2 million in next year's end of year sales rush."

"We believe the one million mark to be an important figure. If we cross one million, it will be easier for developers to do business, so we'd of course like to reach it quickly," the boss explained. What he didn't mention, unsurprisingly, was that the Sony PS3 is also due to launch in Japan next spring/summer, giving Microsoft extra incentive to hit the one-million mark as rapidly as possible. Only one Xbox 360 package will be launched in Japan, the Premium HDD enabled set, costing a very reasonable 39,800 Yen (about 190 GBP).

Tthe Xbox 360's Japanese debut comes on December 10th, though the launch has been hit by a number of key delays in locally made games - which will be a worry to chiefs keen to offer more games for the system from famous Japanese designers. There's not even an RPG on the day one line-up. Dead or Alive 4 will however be out on the 17th we're told.


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