EA enter legal tussle over Madden features

Designer sues over 06 game

One of North America's biggest selling games of 2005, Madden NFL 06, is at the centre of a legal action stateside, one games designer alleging that EA used his ideas without due credit in the latest game. Virtual Jam owner Pernell Harris is suing the world's largest publisher, alleging breach of contract and confidentiality. Harris says that he met with EA bosses in 2003, and discussed a game proposal called Heart of a Champion. In the game, the player has to nurture a budding American football star, taking them through school, organising trials and orchestrating their march to stardom. In the proposed game, players could even choose the parents of their would-be charge, the gene pool playing a role in the new player's varying abilities.

Apparently, several of these concepts are included in the new Madden game and Mr. Harris isn't very happy at all. The designer is demanding compensation, restitution and legal fees from EA. For their part, EA don't seem to think Harris has much of a case, Reuters citing a spokesperson: "We have read the complaint and the allegations are completely without merit."

The game has been selling strongly since August, more as we get it.

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