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Xbox 360 launches across Europe

But are they all gone already?

The Xbox 360 is officially out in Europe, and those attending midnight store openings across the continent may even as we speak be burning the midnight oil with their first taste of the 'next-generation'. The new system launches in basic and premium flavours, the former sans hard-drive, and is supported by fifteen games from day one. About 300,000 units are apparently available across Europe, leaving stores desperately low on stocks from the word go. Indeed, a great deal of outlets have apparently exhausted their entire supply of consoles on pre-orders, which ceased weeks and months ago. Microsoft boss Peter Moore has already conceded that many gamers will go home disappointed today, and may not even be able to bag a console before Christmas, such is the demand. That said, weekly stock replenishment is promised, and several retailers (including supermarkets) are not offering pre-orders, and will therefore sell the Xbox 360 on a first come first serve basis.

Outlets opening at midnight to sell the system are of course generally the stores with at least a few units to flog, though even those queuing into the night for a system may find themselves disappointed such is the low level of stocks supplied. Reports online reveal that one major UK supermarket chain has received a mere 1,000 consoles for day one, with about twelve systems being made available in each store. In the UK, the standard Xbox 360 pack will cost 209.99 GBP, the Premium pack 279.99 GBP. Noting the popularity of the system though, and the high demand low stocks are perpetuating, some retailers such as Toys R Us are only selling the 360 in expensive bundles, with other games and DVDs (starting from a whopping 399 GBP in this case).

Key games such as Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham 3 will be the main draw on day one, costing about 49.99 GBP each in the UK. Non-exclusive Call of Duty 2 is also said to be rather ace and Quake 4 should also do well.. and of course FIFA, Need for Speed et al. We'll revisit this news in a few hours time for an indication on how early sales are going across the continent.

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