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Xbox 360 looms over Japanese metropolises

12-foot statue-come-screen thing planned

Four Japanese cities will be getting giant immovable monuments to the Xbox 360, as part of Microsoft's continued efforts to force their new console into the gaming conscience of this great gaming nation. Like the Xbox Lounge in up-town Tokyo, the statues will be about 12-feet high and incorporate 65 inch plasma screens pumping out trailers for the 360 and its games. Quite a stunt, I'm sure you'll agree.

The monuments to the Xbox 360's 'brilliance', and Microsoft's marketing decadence, are currently being constructed in Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka. What no Kyoto? We're sure a twelve-foot games console would fit quite nicely alongside the ancient national treasures, temples and Zen gardens. Well, this is Japan. I might even pop along and take a few snapshots of the Fukuoka piece for you lucky monkeys. The 360 launches on December 10th in Japan, and the statues will remain standing for a week following this debut, the Xbox Lounge in Tokyo is also expected to finish in January - though we've no word on how successful the cafEcome-gallery has proved.

Japanese site Gamewatch are currently running pictures of the 'video'-statues. Which look, err, large. More soon.

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