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Doom 3 Alpha Leaked

John Carmack most displeased
John Carmack addressed the Slashdot.org forums recently, with his thoughts on the illegal Doom 3 alpha that’s been doing the rounds on-line since Friday. He is, needless to say, not best pleased. “No, this was not leaked on purpose. Yes, we are upset about it, and it will have some impact on how we deal with some companies in the future, but nothing drastic is going to change in terms of what support is going to be available. Making any judgements from a snapshot intended for a non-interactive demo is ill advised..” Rumour has it, that the leak may have occurred via one of id Software’s hardware partners (ATI and NVIDIA being the two most prominent), but regardless of the source, the demo, believed to be the same as that shown at E3, is proving quite popular among those that have downloaded it, and if anything will add to the anticipation surrounding the game’s Summer 2003 release. Reports immerging suggest that the alpha weighs in at hefty 380mb compressed, and that fans are already comparing the game on various systems to judge specifications for this graphical beast.
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