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The Last Of Us sequel rumoured for a 2015 release

Take this one with a large pinch of salt

Rumours have appeared suggesting that Naughty Dog are preparing a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last Of Us to be released in 2015.

So far the studio has only announced one title that they have in development and that is a PS4 Uncharted game but it doesn't mean that they haven't got a sequel to their 2013 hit on the way in the background.

According to Omlete they have heard from sources close to Sony that The Last Of Us 2 is due for release in 2015. The Last Of Us sequel rumoured for a 2015 release

The studio has already stated that they probably won't be releasing the new Uncharted or even a Game Of The Year Edition of The Last Of Us in 2014 but two releases in one year is highly unlikely.

"Thanks for reaching out. However, we do not comment on rumour or speculation," Sony told IGN.

Thanks GameRevolution.

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