Dare To Be Digital now accepting entries for 2014

Competition for budding developers opens up for another year

Britain's most high-profile development competition, Dare To Be Digital is now accepting applications for this year.

The competiton, which is run by The University Of Abertay in Dundee is partnered with BAFTA and the finalists get nominated for the BAFTA One's To Watch Award.

“In eight weeks we see students absolutely transformed by Dare to be Digital,” said Prof Louis Natanson, head of games education at Abertay. “There’s no question that it’s a really tough challenge, but building a completely new game as part of a small team then showcasing it to thousands of people is a unique experience – and one that can massively help you prepare to be a professional game developer.” Dare To Be Digital now accepting entries for 2014

For more information on the competition and to submit an entry head over to the Dare To Be Digital website. Applications close on Monday the 21st of April at 9am.

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